Priestess Shasha, your spiritual companion in the Utrecht, Amersfoort, Hilversum, Veenendaal, Ede and Wageningen region.

Why priestess?

I am intutief medium of birth, in 2010 I made a spontaneous initiation to the priesthood. From this cluster I put my knowledge to support, inspire and help everyone with physical symptoms such as burnout, depression, ADHD/Add, obesity, migraine, sleep problems, stress, high sensitivity, (chronic) physical Complaints, bad self-image, relationships and families, career, future, love, life path, processing, fatigue, detoxification, anxiety, weakened immune system…
Almost every man has had lives as a priest or priestess who watched over the sacred knowledge.

A man is an amazing complex unit. We are a spirit with a soul living in a body. We are spiritual beings. The spirit of a person exists in the spiritual realm. Just as the body is in direct contact with the natural world, the spirit is in direct contact with the spiritual world. So you actually exist in two worlds at the same time.

With my gifts I make a bridge for you between these worlds. Also, through coaching, I can teach you how to build and use it yourself. This way you can live more consciously and more controlled by integrating your life goals and callings into your present life. This makes you feel happier and therefore you can experience more pleasure and rest your life.

Priesterers. Spiritual supervisor. Medium. Spiritual rituals. Gem and Bach Blossom. Nutrition coach and artist. Relaxation Expert.

Since I started, I have given many people (adults, children and babies) concrete answers, so that they have gained closure and/or insights so as to be able to find and prosecute their life path.

Not only people from the region, but also from all over the country and abroad have found Shasha! For spiritual rituals, observations, qabalistic one Tarot and numerology, readings, gemstone therapy, magnetizing, nutritional advice treatments, photo reading and for following a course.

You can make an appointment via my e-mail: or via the contact form.

Do you want to know more about me but especially how people think about me and what I do for them?

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