We live in a time where high demands are made to yourself.

How often do we hear in an airplane a warning with: first put your own oxygen mask on… '.

So first with yourself and then only with your child or a fellow passenger. First take care of yourself, and only then for someone else. in other words; Put yourself in the first place. How does that sound for you? Are you the person who then thinks to be selfish, because they always let another go for themselves. Or find it more important to help others than to put themselves first. However, we live in a time where high demands are made and in which you can easily pass by.

How to start?

  1. Give yourself 10 minutes of your own time per day; Block fixed times in your calendar and they are not opposed.
  2. Mindfulness-Meditation: Black fishes shooting
    1. Sit comfortably on your bed for example;
    2. Visualize hot zonnenlicht that shine on your eyes and crown your body;
    3. Close your eyes;
    4. Follow the light filling your body;
    5. Then you continue to screen your body, with your eyes still closed;
    6. If you see black spots (fish) you visualize them one-by-one to shatter;
    7. If your body is full of light without black fish… open you;
    8. You stand and imagine that you open your groin and all the black shards through your legs, feet the ground in swimming;
    9. Wipe your clean and ready!