The whole universe is made of energy and your body is no exception. This is because the life force, or prana, that moves in you, turns and turns. This rotating energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the bottom of your spine with the last one at your crown. When our emotions are out of balance, these centers are often blocked, which can manifest as sickness, pain or pain in the body, so it is important to know which centers are and how we can balance them. So if we feel healthy, balanced, then our 7 chakras provide the right amount of energy for every part of our body, mind and soul.

Who does what?

Root or Breech chakra "the truth"

This chakra gives you a base and foundation so that you stay firmly with the feet on the earth.

namely The HERE and now!

This chakra also helps you turn your ideas into deeds.

The energy of this chakra gives you peace of mind in your basic needs: security, basic trust and financial security. Specifying personal boundaries also belongs to this chakra energy.

Navel/Sex Chakra: "Sexuality and creativity"

This chakra affects your emotions and sexuality.

namely You know what you want!

This chakra also helps you free your emotions and express them without becoming emotional. Be open to intimacy and passionate and lively.

The energy of this chakra gives you joy of life and creativity and ensures that you have a healthy deal with sexuality. Self-assurance, vitality and zest for life also belongs to this chakra energy.

Solar plexus Chakra "wisdom and Power"

This chakra affects your ego, your connection with other people and the inner knowing that you have a unique place in the universe

namely Self-esteem, spontaneity, willpower and confidence!

The energy of this chakra gives you a strong I-feeling, which is necessary to go through life in a confident and purposeful way

Heart Chakra "Love and Healing"

This chakra affects love, your humanity, your security, your affection and harmonious relationships

namely You can make loving and supportive contact with others!

The energy of this chakra ensures that you have love for yourself and your environment. Also that you can make contact with others in a loving and supportive way.

Throat Chakra "Communication"

This chakra connects your heart chakra with your third eye chakra.

namely Mediator between feeling and thinking

The energy of this chakra ensures that you can express yourself in a literal and/or artistic way. Also that you take responsibility for your personal needs.

Third Eye Chakra "consciousness"

This Chakra has an influence on insight and imagination in your 3rd eye. This chakra connects you to the spiritual world and your intuitive knowledge.

namely Intuition, fantasizing and spirituality

The energy of this chakra ensures that you understand everything that comes through your 6 senses, such as Helderwetendheid, Clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.

Crown Chakra "Spirituality"

This chakra affects your connection as a human being with your spirituality and enlightenment.

namely Knowing that you are part of a larger whole

The energy of this chakra ensures that you have a feeling of deep peace and harmony, a deep inner confidence that there is a higher power that keeps ours and always gives us what we need.