This one-on-one sessions we start with an intake session of C.A. 10 minutes. I listen to what you are experiencing and what you want to address and hope to achieve. Then you sit down on a chair and start the magnetization session (duration approx 30 min). The magnetization session can contain the following components; Observing, gemstone, aroma, music therapy… We conclude with a coaching and tuning conversation.

Clients usually experience a deep sense of relaxation, a renewed perspective and a confident balance to make a conscious step forward.

* Note – I am not a massage therapist. I may touch specific pressure points of your body to let certain parts of the body awaken and relax.

What is Magnetizing?

Magnetization is a natural cure that is thousands of years old and belongs to us as human beings. Just think of a mother rubbing intuitively over the painful knee of her child if it has just fallen. During an energetic treatment, the self-healing power of body and mind is activated and stimulated. Around man there is an energy field, also called Aura, which consists of several layers. By blockages in the body and by imbalance people can get sick and show complaints. Magnetization can also work preventively. After all, blockages are no longer allowed to accumulate, and then lead to problems.

Magnetization can be used in:

– Sleep problems or nightmares;
– Lethargy,
– stress,
– Good grounding,
– Highly sensitive people (HSP);
– Mitigating physical and/or emotional pain in (chronic) complaints;
– More energy in case of fatigue;
– Detoxifying the body;
– For self-acceptance, a more positive self-image or more self-confidence;
– Fear;
– Gain insights into a (difficult) situation;
– For relaxation of body and mind.


magnetization session 60 Euro CA 60 min.

Temporarily not possible