Days and times on request.

What can you expect


With this lesson, you are going to work for an hour with yourself, under guidance. Through mindful and Yoga techniques you learn yourself physically, neurologically and spiritually
Keep fit and balanced.

The classes consist of delicious and quiet bodily
and mental exercises based on IRest Yoga,
Euritmische movement on music followed by
A delicious mindful meditation.

Releasing, body feeding and landing

In the cosy Music and Art Gallery in Veenendaal!

The costs are:

Trial Lesson €10

Loose lesson ± 1 hour €12 at a time.

Per 5 Lessons: 5 x €10 = €50.


Group Mindful 1: on request

Group Mindful 2: on request

Atelier Shasha
Sandy Street 62
3905ed Veenendaal

If you have any questions or would you like to start contact me using this form or send me an email to