We mama's and Papa's, as employees, entrepreneurs and creatives, are often lived by the delusion of the day. We participate in numerous projects, have to make constant decisions during meetings, ideas, telephone conversations. Besides work, we still have to deal with the other side, our private life. In Our private life we have a family to care for, we take (difficult) decisions about friends and family, and carry on constantly the care and accountability to make our family ready for the future.

Many of us have this awareness and are doing various attempts to find more balance in their lives. Personally, I have tried many things, from household managementboeken to apps that should help you with plans. I felt like I had become a robot. My planning had become my life, instead of planning my life better.

Even if you think your life is fully planned, things go as they come and go, and not just as you think ' it ' should come and go. When I tested this with my environment, my image was confirmed. Feel that life is unbalanced, that you spend too much time on your work and not enough with the one you love. The feeling that the work you are doing is not what you would actually want to do. But yes, because of these heavy economic times it seems like there is nothing to change, even if you would like it and be able to. The result is as depressing as unhappy; Many of us ' live ' with a continuous sense of fear, uncertainty and dissatisfaction.

"This is where the practice in thoughtfulness (mindfulness) begins"

Suddenly you realize that you are being lived by your environment and you are purposefully taking the decision to stop this. You are going to invest time, so as to learn to understand what your life is in reality at the moment. Everyone has a dream, a utopian thought about his or her life, and by accepting "What is" you can make realitische choices in your life. Luck or money? Work or family? Study or certainty? Long vacations or just short week breaks away? Staying at home and the children take care of, but still, care and work?

What is mindfulness and what is not?

Mindful means "becoming aware to be mindful" and mindfulness is the action to achieve this. This can be something for you if you are willing to be open to new experiences and want to develop a different way of thinking about things. What you can achieve with mindfulness is becoming more and more aware of yourself, and the world around you to see how he really is without biased ideas about how it "should be".

The benefits

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness. Some of these benefits have to do with overcoming stress and overwhelming (negative) thoughts. You can also achieve mindfulness that you lower your blood pressure, improve your memory and free yourself from depression and anxiety.
And although all these goals are great to achieve, they are of course not what it ultimately is about. What Midfulness can give you; A place where you can go to frame your own world again. Accept your current situation and thereby better understand yourself and your environment.

This is the first step we need to make in order to bring about the right changes in our lives. Because you're going to see your life in a different way, you create a new foundation for yourself from which you can make realistic decisions about how you could better deploy and organize your time, attention and energy. By applying the whole day Midfulness will reduce the stress levels of your body, and this will make your work less threatening.


Starting with mindfulness is very simple.

-plan, in a quiet room or in a place where there are no distractions, about 15 minutes in,
-a cushion that you can sit on, or a chair,
-A timer
-No expectations about what will or won't happen (the less you expect the better it works).

-Sit down in a comfortable posture,
-Set the timer to 15 min,
-Close your eyes,
-Concentrate exclusively on your nose breathing and breathe the air quietly through your nose in and out,
-Breathe slowly and concentrate on how the air feels when it touches your nostrils,
-Take care that your breath is going to your belly, not to your chest,
-Now your breathing is delayed concentrate on the little moment you blow out and breathe in again,
-Feel how your breath disappears from your nostrils,
-Concentrate again on the little moment you blow out and breathe in again.

Keep this full until the time runs out, when your timer goes off you slowly open your eyes and continue your day.

The reason you are asked to concentrate on your breathing; Your breathing is "real", this is the reality. If you do this for a while you will experience that a lot of thoughts will enter your brain. The intention is not that you are going to "block" or "stop" these ideas. This will only suffer frustration. Let loose and experience them, undergo them!

This is mindfulness practicing in a nutshell.