Marriage, renewing your loyalty promises, celebrating a jubeleum or friendship… 

I work with you, for you and make sure that the ceremony reflects your personal needs!

It is anyhow always a personal ceremony and ritual. Special and exclusive, from and for those concerned.

For every ceremony I write personal texts, and are held at your own (party) location.

Each ceremony always contains the following basic components;

  • All invitees must be involved in the ceremony by welcoming and greeting each and making them part of the ceremony;
  • Each sense should be involved in the ceremony also, attention should be given to body spirit emotion and the spiritual world;
  • Nature is honored and its beauty become part of the ceremony.
  • The rituals can take place in itself or during all recorded ceremonies in a location you desire.

This ceremony is not a legal commitment but a spiritual commitment, a welcome or a farewell by means of a magical ritual.

We create this together, by starting each ritual with a circle setting. Then we welcome everyone with an arc ceremony.

An important element of a spiritual ceremony, I can connect you with lovers who have passed. This can be done during the ceremony by, for example, a candle, flowers, stones or photo.

The ceremony

I create a place where the ceremony will take place, eg the circle with nature elements and flowers. The style and colours are of course always in consultation.

Everyone can, for example, be welcomed in the circle via a bow with flowers. The arch symbolizes the Covenant between Heaven and earth and contributes to the fact that everyone who walks through the arch is more closely connected with each other's bloom and development. The flowers in the Arch, circle and on the altar symbolize the people you surround.

So you show gratitude, to make the world as a couple or family more beautiful, instructive and more bearable.

Possible ceremonies

Ring ceremony

My ring ceremony is a way to incorporate all the wedding guests into the ceremony. Or alternatively your loved ones closest to you. This ceremony concentrates on the shared feelings. For example, your guests have the wedding rings, commitment ribbon, gemstone, earth, water, a match (standing for fire)…. and pass it on during the ceremony. So we normally start the ceremony.

Candle ceremony

The candles ceremony is especially what most couples know during a wedding ceremony. This ceremony shows the light of the couple before and after the ceremony recognized.

However, it is also a way of recognizing the light that is held by those who have had an important influence on your life, you want to have, thank because they were a source of guidance for you. In choosing this ceremony, you acknowledge, for example, parents, mothers and mother figures or those who are significantly a source of enlightenment in their lives until now were in attention.

It can also be a way to incorporate children who bring light into your life. This ceremony is particularly touching and an effective way of denoteing the loved ones.

Hand Commitment

This ceremony is often used when couples, friends, family want to connect symbolically. By connecting our hands, we give to each other to help, love, support, accompany, nurture and protect during the coming years of life.

The hand commitment ceremony has its basis in Brehon Law as the oldest wedding ceremony in the world. It is Irish of origin, wonderful and emotional to be with. So when we perform this ceremony, it is incredibly beautiful to incorporate those closest to you into that intimate space, and drop a ribbon over each hand.

The traditional hand fixation includes thirteen ribbons, but I use four. I make this special for you and can be supplemented with, for example, gems, flowers, gelukssymbole etc. This is how you keep a lasting reminder of this special day.

Rose Ceremony

This is a particularly romantic ceremony in which the Rose is central as the symbol of true love. This ceremony invites the couple to remember the promises on each jubilee by giving and receiving a rose. It is also a way to characterize those who you like most, such as mothers, fathers or grandparents who may be gifted with a rose.

Sand Ceremony

This ceremony is a wonderful visual ceremony and is especially fun to involve children in a ceremony. Each person involved pours a certain color of sand individually into a barrel to symbolize the unity of everyone. You can then take it home as a blanket.


All ceremonies last between half an hour and an hour, Ahankelijk the wishes and size of the group.

You can already book the above ceremonies from €395,-

Please note, I will come to your location. Whether that is at your home, or a party room, or in the wild? Everything is possible!

Do you want to present a ceremony to someone? Of course that can be. So you can give those involved the most beautiful surprise of the day!

Other ceremonies or combinations are of course also possible in consultation.