Medium Consult € 60,00 approx. 60 minutes Do you want to have a consultation gift to someone? Of course, you can. This way you can give the people involved the most beautiful surprise! Nutrition advice Nutrition consultation € 60.00 approx. 60 minutes, Magnetizing per session Magnetizing Session 60 euros approx. 60 min Coaching €70,-for 1 session including all materials session duration of 60 min A 75 min. €280,-for all 4 courses including all materials on location I also come to you! The costs for this are €0.25 per ridden km. + the usual cost. Payment in cash preferably appropriate. by telephone consult €40.00 for 30 minutes consultation. Telephone consultation €60.00 for 60 Minutes send me an email or via contact form your name, phone number and your preference for a date and time. You will receive an email from me with a confirmation or a proposal for another time. When the date and time is up, you 40 or 60 euro on account NL09TRIO0198550243 T.N.V. By telephone consultation and mention the date and time of the consultation in the communication. Marriage all ceremonies last between half an hour and an hour, Ahankelijk the wishes and size of the group. You can book ceremonies from €395,-. These costs include the intake interview. Watch out, I'm coming to your location. Whether it's at your house, or a party room, or in the great outdoors? Anything is possible! Do you want to give a ceremony gift to someone? Of course, you can. This way you can give those involved the most beautiful surprise of the day!