If you often feel tired when you get home, you feel that you are stuck and often have conflicts, you often step with the wrong leg out of bed, you are not understood, are you lonely, do you feel you are isolated and are you sad?

You know that your partner can help you with this!


Perform these fun joint exercises twice a day in 10 minutes. So you are also building on increasing your love for each other.

Exercise 1: Nurturing posture: spoon spoon posture

The energy flows require you to lie on your linker side. First determine who of the two is more in need of a nurturing energy.

For this example we assume that it is the woman. The man here is the giver it is important that his arm lies under the neck of the woman and that all hands are braided and folded and rested on the heart of the woman.

Then, as both of you are well, the man is going to make swaying movements.

Exercise 2. Caring for Your Heart

If this feels good, you can also sit with the foreheads. Think of a good posture; Straight back! Sit comfortably, possibly in Kleermakerzit, opposite your partner. If this feels good, you can release your hands and put your left hand on each other's heart. Then feel each other's heart rate, stand still at how your own heart feels. Then try to close your eyes and concentrate on the connection between your heart and your partner's hand. Then you can open the eyes and look at each other. As a final step; Try to breathe synchronously!

3. Yab-Yum Position

The man sits in Kleermakerzit or on a chair and the woman sits on his upper legs, with her ankles (if possible crossed) behind his back or behind the chair. Your sitting position is upright, this is important because this promotes your consciousness, takes care that your breath is flowing together, and that you breathe in and out of each other's breath. As soon as this aagenaam feels you are hitting your foreheads, look at each other right in the eyes. This attitude is the classic position! From this attitude you can easily move on to unique sexual experiences.